Bringing Our Banks...

Our two great banks combined deliver more products, more services and greater performance to ALL of our customers.

Over the weekend of February 19-21, 2021

The merger and system integration of Main Street Bank and Superior National Bank will be completed.

For Superior National Bank Customers

Some Personal Banking product names are being refreshed.

For Main Street Bank Customers

Listed below are important dates to know regarding upcoming changes to your accounts.  Dates for specific items are subject to change and will be updated regularly on this web page.

Q & A's for Your Convenience

Superior National Bank and Main Street Bank see an opportunity to enrich the banking experience for customers in every market the banks serve. The two great banks combined deliver more products, more services and greater performance to all customers. The full system conversion over the weekend of February 19-22, 2021 will enable the organization to fully function as a single, stronger bank for every customer.

Yes, Superior National Bank is currently updating its brand to compliment the growth of its products and service offerings to all customers.

Refer to the timeline on pages 6 and 7 of the Conversion Guide Booklet or on this integration website. If you use Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, External Transfers or Telephone Banking, there is information you will need to know.

You will find information on how to log in to Superior National Bank’s digital platforms in this section of the booklet.

No. Customers will still be able to visit Bingham Farms and Troy branches as normal after the conversion.

Yes. Your current Main Street Bank debit card will continue to work. You can also visit an Allpoint® ATM for fee-free cash.

Please note that all branches will be closed during conversion weekend.

You can continue to use your current Main Street Bank debit card. We will send you a replacement Superior National Bank debit card after integration/conversion.

No, your account number will stay the same.

CDs: Rates and terms of existing Main Street Bank CDs will not change until maturity.

Flex-Savings Account: Any promotional rates will be honored until their scheduled expiration.

All other account types: Please call Superior National Bank at 866.482.0404 to inquire about deposit rates.

Your term, interest rate, and payment amount will all remain the same. Your local lending team will remain in place to assist you. You may continue to make your payment at the Bingham Farms or Troy branches. After February 22nd, if you make your payment via mail, you will need to make it payable and send it to: Superior National Bank 235 Quincy St, PO Box 450 Hancock, MI 49930

Yes. There are no changes to the Money Service Business accounts planned at this time.

Kasasa is an independent service provider that worked with Main Street Bank. Superior National Bank does not have a relationship with Kasasa. Your balances have been transferred to our most similar account. Activity requirements, rewards, and interest rates that were associated with Kasasa no longer apply to your account. Please refer to the conversion packet being sent to you for information regarding your new Superior National Bank account.

No. Your current direct deposits and automatic payments will continue to process. For new direct deposits or automatic payments after February 22nd, please set them up using Superior National Bank’s routing number: 091101879

No. Your current checks and deposit slips will continue to work. For new check orders after February 22nd, please order them using Superior National Bank’s routing number: 091101879

Some customers will receive more information. If you are a business customer who uses remote deposit capture or originates ACH files, you will receive a separate mailing.

Give us a call at 1.866.482.0404 and we will connect you with a member of our Trust and Wealth Management team. Our skilled team is happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Please call your current Main Street Bank branch for any questions on your accounts prior to integration weekend which will take place February 19-21. If you have questions about any Superior National Bank services or how they will impact your current accounts, feel free to call Superior National Bank at 1.866.482.0404. Your current Main Street Bank accounts will be fully converted to Superior National Bank accounts on February 22nd.